Hello there!  I am Stephanie Bair-Garant- often known by my initals, skbg.   I live in Columbus, Ohio where I was born and raised. Like most Columbus natives, I have moved away several times and always make my way back home. I live with my son Liam and partner of 12 years, Billy in a cute little house surrounded by trees in one of the many lovely villages here in the heart of Ohio.

My passion for travel, adventure and taking pictures has led me many places including Europe, Great Britain, Canada and Japan.  I have lived in London, Chicago and most recently New York City until settling back into the Midwest.

My professional career includes over 15 years of leadership and creative direction that parallels my love of people and their possibility. After art school, I entrenched myself in the art world- working at the Tate Gallery, Magnum Photos, Columbus Museum of Art and the Riffe Gallery. I worked at small boutiques including a little paper store called On Paper that always inspired me KEEP writing hand written notes and always have a typewriter on hand. I found myself working in the most inspiring places until I found a way to combine all of my passions into a career I never knew existed. Art + service + connection has always at the base of what I have looked for in a “job”. I am a photographer, designer, installation and textile artist.  I have been a gallery owner and a district visual manager for both Anthropologie and Free People in the Midwest and greater New York City.  I have worked with multiple Columbus based retail brands including Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, Limited and Express. I am known for my expertise in retail concept and spacial planning, interior design, store opening design, home/apparel merchandising, prop styling and window displays.

Art and nature have always been my zen.  Adventure has always fed my soul.  Over the years, meditation has taken on different forms for me, the space I find while driving or in a plane, walking - either in nature or in the city.

I became interested in yoga around ten years ago when I started making a conscious effort to take better care of my body.  While I loved pilates and had a great home practice, I was craving to know more about yoga.  I bounced around from studio to studio without ever landing anywhere that I loved.  After Liam was born, I went back to work and was not only a working mom, but a traveling working mom--- AND in NYC which translated into self care becoming the last priority.  That is a mindset that continued for a few years until last May when I transitioned out of my corporate career and began paying attention to my health once again. 

I immediately sought out yoga- finding flow, getting reacquainted with movement and my intuition became the foundation of everything I was seeking. I found a yoga studio close to me and started showing up. On the third day, I felt SHIFT happening and knew that this was more than just awakening any personal practice that might transpire.  I knew quickly that I wanted to share the mental and physical transformation that was happening within me with everyone I could. So, one year later, here I am.

People and awareness of their experience is at the heart of everything I do. The desire to share and allow us all to feel less separate in our experiences is what motivates me. I want you to know that you are not alone.

Creative Offerings:

I am available for creative direction + styling + sourcing and merchandising projects. I have worked with small businesses to help develop their brand and merchandising strategies as well as executing large brand initiatives. I thrive in both environments. As multi-faceted my experience is, I’ve learned that I cannot be the expert in everything and that teamwork is essential for a vision to come alive.

Wellness offerings:

I am passionate about incorporating wellness into every aspect of my day and work, be it one-on-one coaching, small group yoga + meditation or adding corporate wellness seamlessly into your company.

I would love to work with you!