About me, in one shot...

Found this little thing that I wrote when I was building my first photography website years ago.  Thinking of the "About Me" section that we have to fill out on resumes, websites, dating profiles...you only get one shot, right?  Or do you?  


It is more than just a thing you write to describe where you've been and why people should be interested.  Think back to the days when a resume was a crisp, clean ink and paper list, preferably on one piece of paper, that gave a snapshot of why you might be of interest to those who set eyes on it.  Once in those hands, the reader may slip into the role of a deity, one who thinks they have control over your life and can single handedly decide your fate.  Social media has changed all of that.  When seeking jobs after college, I can remember when I thought adding the book I was reading or including my recent music tastes on my resume was completely risque. I certainly would be dismissed if "they" knew I was reading D.H. Lawrence in my spare time (if we were being honest) and listening to Wu Tang on the suggestion of my buddhist neighbor.  In the midst of finding a "real" job, I was also looking for a "real" boyfriend. I had lost and found my heart in Ohio a couple of times, so I had taken some time off to heal the wounds. When I decided to actively look for someone, I started to see the parallels of seeking a job and seeking a mate. I realized we were all using similar tools for both. (eyes wide open, exhaustingly aware of opportunity, hopefully landing an interview or date, romancing the ideal partner or company new hire)


I came to realize that although the search was futile at the time, the tools I picked up along the way were absolutely essential. Partners, friends, jobs and opportunities are all serendipitous, and usually happen (yes, as they've always said) when you least expect it.


Looking through old ramblings while creating a new "about me" for this blog, I found something I wrote in the "about me" section when I set up my first social media account.  (Remember Friendster? Yes... I'm that old...)


With this description, I realized I was mixing reality and visualization (also an extremely valuable tool... don't doubt for a second that those olympic gold winners aren't doing that exact same thing on top of the slopes).  Anyone who wanted to join me for the ride was welcome. Although,  more importantly anyone with malicious intent, need not apply.  Fourteen years after writing this for an entirely different venue, I can say I would hire this girl in a heartbeat if she included this in her resume.



"i am my short bed head hair in the afternoon, morning, night

i am my tweed zip up jacket bought for 21.99 on west broadway

i am my black boots with the cuff and brown lining with zipper up the back

i am my half make-upped face in the morning from laziness and the hope that i won’t be frightened when i first glance in the mirror

i am my coffee, french pressed with 1/2 inch of cream at the bottom and a spoonful of raw sugar in a striped mug that reminds me of maxwell house commercials from when i was ten

i am my bus ride to work in london 4 years ago.

i am my bus ride to work in chicago 6 months ago.

i am my walk down broadway to the coffee shop and then reckless records on my days off

i am my sunday brunch at jack and benny’s or whole world or my house

i am my sunday driving down high street with my hand outside the sunroof

i am my licorice tea before bed 

i am my harley riding out west, arms full of tattoos

i am world traveling photographer and subsequent unicef ambassader

i am my music selection while driving

i am my published book

i am my own gallery

i am my vacation home in the south of france

i am my window in the hotel room in l'abbesses  around the corner from sacre coeur

i am my drive to work in the dark every morning

i am my fascination with written correspondence 

i am my illusions and reality all wrapped up in one fine flirtation

-skbg 2004-ish